Best Man 

Geronimo Lacanlale

           Oliver's best friend who introduced him to Rosanne in 2005.

Maids of Honor

Jacqueline Navarro

             Rosanne's best friend since elementary. 

Denise Tan

           Rosanne met her at nursing school and they've been BFF ever since.


Jessa Busa - Raquedan

             Rosanne' sister-in-law.

Carmelita Calubayan - Wilson

              Oliver's older sister.

Lily Joy Fernando

            Oliver's best friend from college/intern days.


Regin Kenneth Raquedan

              Rosanne's eldest brother.


Don Wislon

            Oliver's brother-in-law.

Rhys Kristian Raquedan

            Rosanne's younger brother.

Flower Girl

Ma. Renea Jamine Raquedan

            Rosanne's niece.

Ring Bearer

Philip Calubayan

            Oliver's nephew.  

Coin Bearer

Duane Mikail Floyd Campanano

             Rosanne's nephew (cousin side)

Bible Bearer

Jaco Gabriel Guevarra

                 Oliver's nepher (cousin side)

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